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I have spent a good deal of time paddling the Puget Sound in everything from glass calm water to 25 knot winds and 3-5 swells. This includes surf launches and landings. I wanted to replace my Werner Cypress as my main paddle. I much prefer my Gearlab Nukilik over it but at 220cm it's a big long for me with a high angle stroke and for surfing. My main paddle when cruising, has been my spare paddle in rough conditions. While looking at the Aukaneck, I came across the Kalleq.

The slightly wider blade, length at 210cm, and minimal weight, it's the perfect paddle. I've had a chance to paddle with it briefly and it outperforms the Werner hands down. The surface area of the blade made high angle strokes effortless, yet powerful. The knife-like edge entered the water on the catch clean. Bow and stern rudders were effortless. I love the smooth edge over the curved blades of the Euro paddle for advanced strokes. More control with less effort.