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The Wenonah Jensen resurrected...

I have paddled a Wenonah Jensen 17 for the last 35 years. It is fiberglass weighing in at 65 pounds. It is a wonderful boat for general paddling and has handled week-long trips with moderate gear beautifully. It is easy to paddle with great secondary stability and really fast—one of those designs that hooks you with the first draw of the paddle. This assessment aligns with earlier reviews of the Jensen.

My wife and I were looking for a lighter boat to accommodate aging backs. Every dealer listed the Jensen as discontinued so we started to look at other boat brands in Kevlar hoping to match the design and performance of the Jensen. To our surprise we found a source for the Jensen 17 in fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon. Oak Orchard Canoe in Waterport NY, puts in a large order to Wenonah each year for the Jensen design and Wenonah pulls the Jensen mold out to build the canoes. Oak Orchard carries the Jensen in both 17 foot and 18 foot models. It is a great boat and still very popular. We bought the Jensen 17 Kevlar ultra-light at 38 pounds.

Wenonah has incorporated all of the new innovations for the last 35 years into the build including no external rivets on the hull for seat supports, an adjustable foot brace in the stern and innovative layup methods.

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