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I am a 68 year old intermediate women paddler. I have a variety of kayaks from 10 to 16 footers for a variety of different water. I even built a Pygmy Selkie. I love all my kayaks but for day or week tripping in Lake Michigan or Lake Superior the Prana has all of them beat. I love how it tracks, with a little adjustment of the skeg in strong wind wherever it’s coming from, I can paddle with ease. The hull design allows me to edge with confidence, very good secondary stability. In the past I had not found a Current Design kayak that fit my body of 5’7, 145 lbs. They were too wide but when I get into the Prana it fits perfect. It’s a Greenland style kayak with the back low so I’m able to lay back without any problem. I highly recommend the Prana if your looking for a fast, very maneuverable, comfortable, fun kayak!