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These are very sturdy and durable high-quality wet shoes. They are very stretchy allowing for a wide range of feet to enter and exit them with no hassle. The souls are very stiff and durable they are rather thick as well and have fabulous traction on the bottom. Combine these with some NRS wet socks and you have a perfect William combination for an enjoyable day out on the water. They dry out very fast as well.

This is the best locking and release system knife on the market today. When you need your knife just grab the handle give it a squeeze in a pops right into your hand very naturally ready to go. You have several mounting options and a lot of extra hardware as well.

These are very good warm weather paddling gloves. They provide plenty of padding in all the right places. The fit is very snug once they are on they are not coming off. Sun protection is about 30 . They have pretty good ventilation and offer some degree of reflection as well. Recommended .

Finally!!! I found a pair of gloves that really do what I ask of them . These are form fitting gloves that not only grip the paddle shaft nicely but are smart phone compatible. They have nice ventilation and are even UPF/sun protection rated at 50 . These are three season gloves so I wouldn’t exactly recommend them for colder conditions , say temperatures under 30*.

Of all the paddle gloves I’ve tried so far ( and I own a lot ) these gloves have the best overall grip . Your paddle is not slipping with these gloves on. That grip however comes with a price. They are not the best fitting gloves I’ve tried and NRS makes a lot of gloves for all types of people and paddling . I recommend these gloves for paddlers who are seeking gloves that want to keep a no slipping no matter what nature throws at you day in the water.

As with all my other NRS product reviews I'm recommending this paddlers jacket. It clearly hits the mark on it's designed purpose. It allows uninhibited range of motion , laughs at rain/splash ( you will stay dry ) looks great on the water & feels great under your PFD. The punch through cuffs do their job of preventing any water from seeping in and the half zip allows ventilation if your temp goes up. I paired this with my NRS Endurance paddlers pants for a perfect combo that looked nice & kept me dry no matter how hard it rained on me. I do wish it had another pocket or two but the ones provided on the sleeves are great for stashing away a few kind bars or some beef jerky, that's why I'm giving the four and half star rating. Needs more pockets!! . The hood fits over a wide range of hats or helmets . I do have a longer torso and I am on the taller side at 6'5" and around 212 lbs so I got mine in XXL for anyone who wants to know about fitting.

Among the best half finger warm weather gloves on the market. Great grip , sun protection, range of motion without any crimping . Highly recommended to anyone looking for half finger gloves.

These are without a doubt the best full finger warm weather boaters gloves I have found . They give complete 100% full range dexterity in motion they have more than enough padding in all the necessary places they feel great against your skin and like so many other NRS products offer fabulous sun protection. Like all my other NRS reviews I recommend these gloves .

SandPiper 130 , Awesome Kayak , Awesome Company The Eddyline 130 is a great kayak. It’s about as perfect as you can get to if you’re looking for a kayak for Leisurely paddling time on the water but still want a kayak that will and can accelerate when you want or need to . That cloud 10 seat might be as comfortable as a lazy boy recliner and you will be tempted to plop your feet up out of the cockpit and up on the deck and take a nap . It has Ginormous amounts of cargo carrying capacity and there’s even room behind the seat . The stability is fantastic, both primary and secondary. It would take an extreme effort to flip this kayak and some smaller or weaker people may not be able to even do it. When you want to lean into a turn you can feel the secondary kick in and just hold you up even in very tight turns . It handles all kinds of chop perfectly. It rides over small / medium size waves like a fishing bobble coming from all directions, no need to steer into them anymore like in a lot of other kayaks. This kayak is very light for its size and you know the second you run your hands over it this is quality. It's a super strong , super comfortable & super safe kayak. Then there’s the people at Eddyline. They go above and beyond. One in particular ( Tom ) rewrites the meaning of customer service. He managed to arrange delivery of my custom order 130 even during a dam pandemic With all REI’S temporarily closed . Ya , he’s a badass. This is a great made in the USA product by people who know what they’re doing. I would recommend this or any Eddyline kayak to anyone interested in hitting the water with comfort , safety and your piece of mind as their priorities.

This is a very lightweight shirt . It has snap closures instead of regular buttons. Apparently the spf on it is rated at 30 . It does allow fabulous air movement while be worn and ventilation is top notch . The color is super bright so visibility is no problem. I’m giving it four stars due to the fact that I have long arms ( 17 1/2 x 36 ) dress shirt and the sleeves are for a 33 or 34 . It’s a great shirt but I prefer my NRS shirts more .