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I got these gloves to help alleviate the blisters forming while paddling my kayak around. Overall I'm giving these gloves a 3.5 out of five star rating. the padding on the palms is great & they grip good as long as your paddle shaft is ribbed like my AquaBound Whisky . When I test other paddles the shaft gets wet then sometimes I notice a little slipping. The blisters on the palms are gone but they still manage to form on my right thumb even under the glove. I'm looking for a better set of gloves & when I get a pair then these will go into the spares department.

Once Again AquaBound knocks it out of the park with another fabulous kayak paddle. At first I was rather hesitant to pull the trigger on this purchase but when I saw REI'S annual 30 % sale I snagged it & am now officially part of the " Bent Shaft " crowd. I took the new Tango out for a almost eight mile trek early on a cold Sunday morning on the Willamette here in Portland, OR. There was a constant strong cross wind coming right to left with lots of chop. This paddle kept me moving along with a nice speed & I couldn't believe the difference the bent shaft makes. Soooo much less stress on my wrists & arms/shoulders. I did take my fiberglass straight shaft Tango along with me just to do a quick side by side comparison . It's a great paddle as well but this new bent shaft is just night & day difference. I landed pulled out the straight shaft & went about two miles before I beached again & went back the bent shaft & now I'm going to keep my straight shafts as back ups. Can't wait to get me the Whiskey in the bent shaft next spring . I highly recommend these fiberglass & carbon Posi-Lok paddle's from AquaBound. They are simple & a joy to use. Light weight , strong & their customer service is TOP NOTCH. You call them & they pick up the phone fast , no voice mail here as you speak with the people making the paddles.

I used this product in a size small to replace the factory bag in my Edge 11 & it works perfectly. It's about 20% larger than the factory bag & it's really easy to inflate. The twist valve doesn't leak at all & once inflated it stays that way. It's a nice peace of mind knowing that a beginner like myself has some extra buoyancy riding with me.

Once again a top notch paddle from Aqua-Bound. I got the Whisky earlier & now this in a size 240 for my more casual/relaxing outings. It's so nice to take a slower day & paddle around with a paddle that just cuts into the water and moves it almost effortlessly. It's super lightweight, super strong & that Posi-Lok is fool proof. We did have to go against a pretty strong current at the end of our trek today for about two hundred yards & I started the high angled strokes and the tango handled it & got me to the launch site first ahead of my yakking buds both of them using a competitors brand and costing them about $ 100.00 more. hahahaaaaaa !!! When I needed or wanted to accelerate I could with little effort. These two Aqua-Bound paddles Tango & Whisky are top notch & I feel you get the most for your money in this price range. They easily compete & hold their own against far more expensive paddles & just dominate the competition in the lower priced paddles. $$$$ well spent.

I'm giving these gloves a 3.5 rating. They work pretty good for the most part but I think the area's where blisters tend to form need some extra padding as I'm noticing that after a few hours on the water I start to feel sore spots on my thumbs & sure enough blisters form. They would be great weight lifters gloves.

This is a great PFD made just for Kayaking. The storage pockets on the front are perfect for small gear & I can fit my I-Phone XR sealed in a watertight bag in them just fine. The adjustable straps cover a wide range body sizes & the very generous openings on the arms allow for fluid free range of motion at all times while in the kayak. I choose the bright green & have gotten lots of compliments on how visible it is from a distance. I usually wear a size 17 1/2 dress shirt so I'm a larger guy & the size large fits me perfect. It's very light in weight & seems to take a beating just fine. I would recommend this PFD to anyone searching a high quality Kayaking specific vest.

Just a fantastic & really enjoyable , easy to use paddle. It's super lightweight & that darn Posi-Lock makes a lot of other paddles seem obsolete . I just set it & forget it like that George Forman grill. I got me a Riot Edge 11 & this paddle get's my craft moving fast in a hurry & I have no problem keeping up with 12 & 13 foot kayaks. I'm going to get me a Tango version as well but longer when I just want take it easy on the water. I recommend this paddle to everyone seeking a quality kayak paddle. You really do get what you pay for in a paddle .

This is my first Kayak & I'm very pleased with it. I had several issues to deal with such as storage requirements, stability, weight, capacity, safety & such. Being a first time kayaker I tested several models from a lot of various manufacturers. For the storage issues I needed a boat not to exceed 12 feet & it just fits the bill. As for stability it's top notch, I can lean all over the place & it's really stable & I like the low profile on the water. I'm around 210 lbs & stand 6'5" with long legs & the 275 lb capacity is nice for such a small boat. I still have room to pack a lunch in the bulk head behind me & I got a medium sized gear bag strapped up front to keep my drink , binoculars & other small items in all within reach while I'm on the water. The seat is decent for the price & the adjustable back is nice. While I'm still learning how to perfect my strokes with my Aquabound Whisky the Riot is very maneuverable & I'm getting used to stopping real quick & turning on a dime. I let a good friend use it last weekend while I used her boat ( A well known high end model based in Washington ) & she loved it. Her only complaint was the cockpit was a bit small for her as she is use to her boat. My only real drawback is the weight is a bit much but most adult men should be able to handle it safely & two people carrying it is a breeze . If you're looking for a kayak you can park your rig along the road & pack on your shoulder a hundred or so yards down a trail & not have to worry about accidently scrapping a rock or a tree than the Riot Edge 11 is really hard to beat. It's a great kayak for beginners & you should have no problem selling it when/if you look to upgrade to a bigger kayak as the younger crowd seems to flock to it & ask me questions all the time. It's very popular with them & apparently class I & II rated as well. Buy it!!! you won't regret it.