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Name: owhite3003

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We have a new 2019 120 and 125. New to paddling but have tried some cheaper kayaks before. This kayak tracks well and seams like a great kayak. I like the adjustable foot pegs and they are easy to adjust when you are on the water. The seats have numerous adjustments and are comfortable to me. My wife's tailbone does get sore after a long paddle but I don't know if that due to the seats. The reason for the 3 stars, the 120 bulk head keeps leaking. the 125 is still good. We have taken the 120 back 4 times. we have received a new 120 after the first one leaked. That one leaked after the first paddle. Took it back and they gave us the original one that was repaired. The bulk head didn't stay sealed after the first paddle. Take in mind these are't leaking water in from the outside, Just water from the cockpit from a hard paddle and water from washing. Going for the 4th time now. I like the new console. The removable water proof supplied box does rattle a little bit and for some reason the cell phones get extremely hot in there. They are handy for keys, snacks, etc. Other then the leak issue, we are really enjoying the new Pungos.