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Name: Damian-1347

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Love this tandem kayak that can be also used as single. I used it in ocean as well and its very stable as its 3 modules connected together with straps and snap/lock system. Fits inside our Honda Odyssey with many other things that we use for our day trips or long weekend trips. Very durable, stable and easy to assemble. I have been using it with my wife and two of our boys for last few years. Thinking about getting kingfisher for my dad. All of their products are great quality that can last forever. Recommended to everyone who loves paddling ;)

Great iSUP. I am 6' tall 180 lbs and I can still ride comfortably with our 9 year old sun on it. Packed in 1/2 size compare to other types. Super light, I can carry two of them at the same time. Pump is great. We bought two of them and I can inflate both in less then 5 minutes. Looking forward to our many future trips to enjoy the areas we haven't seen yet ;)

Great kayak/SUP. Very comfortable for using with kids, fishing, and many other activities. Very stable and sturdy. Highly recommended to everyone who likes kayaking, SUP and fun with kids!

Great for Family fun with kids fishing and more. Very comfortable and durable. Can be used as kayak or SUP. I recommended this kayak/paddle board to many of our friends

We own Tandem. Great Kayak that we have used with our kids many times. Our kids are 6 and 8 and we can still all fit in with me and my wife. Always easy to connect and disassemble and fits wel inside our Honda Odyssey.
I will definately want to try more of their products. Very durable and great quality!