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Name: Mark-E

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I have had this canoe out almost every weekend between May and September. As a tandem it is a pretty fast canoe. Flat bottom still allows easy turns. Symmetrical design allows you to flip it backwards and paddle solo although I found I still require some ballast at the bow to prevent weather-vaning (easily solved with a 5G water bag). The canoe is very light and so thin you can see the sun/waterline from the inside which is kind of terrifying to a novice paddler with limited swimming ability; however, being a novice paddler I have crashed into a fair amount of obstacles (deadfall/rocks) and the canoe has just bounced off with no significant damage (only some minor scratches). The canoe is steady as a rock when paddled from the kneeling position but if you're wearing boots your feet may get stuck under the low riding seat. I needed a canoe that was light enough to cartop by myself, able to be paddled tandem AND solo; stable enough to fish from, and durable enough to withstand the collisions resulting from my limited paddling ability. This canoe definitely satisfied all those requirements.