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Name: MBoivin

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I love my Ute, the smallest folding kayak made by Long Haul. I paddle it in the rivers and estuaries of the southwestern coast of Florida. It is light weight, maneuverable, yet very stable. I can get into some very tight places with very little water depth with The Ute which affords seeing unassuming wildlife.

I also often paddle the shores of the inter-coastal water way and sometimes go out through the passes into the open ocean without worry of capsizing. the design and stability of the Ute is remarkable.

We have a modest condominium home so the Ute Folding Kayak by Long Haul is ideal for me. Packing it in the two custom cordura bags makes the Ute very portable and easy to store out of the way in a closet. When doing a road trip the kayak bags fit easily into the trunk of our vehicle. In fact, two Utes would easily fit into the trunk of a modest sized vehicle. Assembly of the Ute is about 20 minutes so the need of using a roof rack for transporting isn't needed. My Ute is safe and secure inside the car and out of the hot Florida sun.

What a fabulous kayak the Long Haul Mark I Folding Kayak is. I'm an ocean/sea kayaker who lives in Portland, Maine with a seasonal home on Long Island in Casco Bay. Long Island is only accessible by ferry service or private craft, 8 miles or so from our city. I paddle my Mark I as my commuting craft on a weekly basis from late March through October.

For the most part I paddle alone in all kinds of weather and sea conditions. For those reasons I was looking for the most stable seaworthy craft. Cargo capacity was also important to me as I'm often transporting supplies to our island home. There isn't a kayak that fulfills these needs better than the Long Haul Mark I.

I leave my kayak assembled during the seasons of use and rinse it with fresh water after each paddle. It has served me well for over 14 years now. I have also taken advantage of the folding aspect of the kayak too; packing it in the three well made Long Haul custom cordura bags and taking it with me to Florida. I've shipped my kayak with UPS to my destination in advance which is much more seamless than taking it on a commercial airlines.