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There's a few things I really like about this kayak... comfortable seat, plenty of room to accommodate my long legs, & the color is beautiful. There's one thing I'm not happy with... manufacturer's listing says the boat is ultra stable but I don't agree. It feels like the boat tries to dump me off the left side. I've used several different brands of kayak and never experienced this before. Had my husband try it and he noticed the problem too. We went back to the sporting goods store where we purchased this but all we were told is, that's odd. You'll have to contact the manufacturer and ask about the warranty. I bought this last night and have had it out twice thinking maybe this model just has a bigger learning curve. I feel stuck since my money is tied up now & can't get any assistance. We'll try to contact Pelican on Monday to see what tips they can offer. Just not sure what to think. I thought this was going to be a good choice for me since it meets a bunch of my requirements. I'm disappointed in the boat and the sporting goods store.