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Name: Rob

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Great canoe for general purpose and short tours / outings. It's relatively stable due to its wider hull and it's durable made of composite plastic. It is heavier than others that I have used however. You will need two people to put it up and take it down on car racks or carrying it down to the water. Therefore, I suggest purchasing a two wheel cart of your choice to ease the burden of what is a heavier canoe.

I'll agree with most of the reviews here with regards to the boat's durability, it's affordable price point, and over all "work horse" reputation. I'm a life long paddler (of both canoe and kayak) and have owned several boats to compare this one to. In short, this boat is a great boat to own for general purposes - day trips, camping trips, fishing, etc.

The one negative thing that I'll offer is that it is on the heavy side and most certainly requires two capable people when affixing it to the roof of your vehicle. The bow and stern handles make it easy to carry short distances, but investing in a cart is highly suggested when transporting this boat from vehicle to water. I live close enough to the water where I easily transport the 147 via canoe cart without issue, but the cart is mandatory due to the weight of the boat.