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Name: paddler460471

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Great budget kayak and supports big and tall people. I'm in the 275lb range and the kayak rides about 1-2 inches lower than my son who is 160lbs. The kayak is unstable getting into it, but with a little practice entry and exit is simple. It does paddle and track well as long as you have your weight centered, but you can go to one side by shifting your weight. It is a perfect kayak for casual floats down calm rivers and small lakes. I would be hesitant to take it out in any waves due to load in the kayak (Fat Man Problems). Durability of the kayak is great. Very little damage after scraping several rocks in the river (FMP). Paid $233 for the kayak at Dicks sporting goods after sale price and 10% credit card discount. Would recommend a 230mm paddle for anyone in the 5'10" and a 33-34 inch torso as it will match better with river paddling. I have a 240mm paddle and it is a very lazy low angle paddle that is hard sometimes in small spaces.