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Name: paddler453937

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I really like the Caper as an overall good boat. Very stable, tracks fairly well, light weight makes it easy to handle. I know how to paddle so I find that it moves very well. I use it in the Gulf of Mexico and feel very comfortable in all but serious stormy conditions. I will be using this boat in an upcoming river race to avoid the possibility of damaging my Surfski since the Caper is much tougher. We keep this boat and an Ocean Kayak Frenzy at the beach for friends who may have little or no kayaking experience since they are stable and fun. They are fun to surf as well. If you want to carry a milk crate, it will not fit. Water tends to collect in the foot wells, but a large sponge takes care of that. If you want more speed, you need a longer boat, but the Caper moves as well as any 11’ boat.