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Fun and athletic hull for a 14', a bit snug in the feet and I find the seat uncomfortably dissapointing.

Really great looking boat with awesome lines. Excellent fit and finish, top notch actually for a rotomold boat.

Great front storage , rear storage was near useless due to the day hatch bulkhead and the intrusion from the skeg. Speaking of skeg, thank god for the skeg because the boat wont hold a straght line to save its life without it, and it is a good skeg for the range of boat.

Overall this was a boat I fell in love with at first sight and sold after my third paddle. This one was all show and not enough go for me.

Let me start by saying this is my first "recreational" boat. I have 4 kayaks but all day touring boats from Wilderness and Necky. I had originally put a hold on a Hurricane Santee sport 120 but changed my mind to the Pungo last minute because I was concerned about the level of abuse it would sustain.

So I bought this boat as a seller blem. It got a little crushed in the warehouse around the cockpit opening and I got 300 bucks off for the slight cosmetic flaw. Ok with me.

Today I took this boat on two outings. The first up a slowish tidal river with a strong current for about 3 miles and back. I was actually quite impressed at how easily it kept up with the Tsunami 125 and the Necky Looksha 12 I was paddling with. Would I call it fast, no but it was much better than I expected for a wide hull. The boat is rock solid stable and as stated earlier, my experience has been touring baots so this one feels very stout and stable. I also noticed immediately how close to the water it sits, unlike most rec boats that sit way high and are prone to weathercocking. This one sits quite near the water, and the cockpit has enormous opening so unless you're in flat water, you're going to get some water in the boat. Thats the trade off for not blowing around.

Comfort wise this one is a 9 out of 10. I'm 6'3" and 235 lbs. Ive got size 13 feet and finding boats that work for my 35" inseam and big feet is a real challenge. The seat is great, though the backrest is a bit firm, easily solved with a slip over pad. The rest of the seat is excellent. The foot rests are also great and well built as well. They have loads of travel and honestly I think they would work for someone in the 6'8" range. The cockpit is spacious, maybe even cavernous by kayak standards. Its the only boat I own that I can pull my knees up in while seated and can even put my legs over the top and lay back.

Ok so the rest- the boat is wide, 29" wide and thats a lot more width than I'm used too. That said a bigger stronger person can edge it and it does it fairly well. Its got some serious chines and they hold it if you've got the leg strength. The boat tracks straight, really straight! The rear hatch leaks, not terrible but there was water in the rear storage compartment after my trip. Could be the bulkhead, I will investigate.

So who is this boat for? Larger paddler looking for a stable all around kick the crap out of boat that will run rivers, lakes and ponds. Maybe light fishing too. Someone who wants a "fast" rec boat to keep up with friends in day touring boats but just cant handle the snug fit of a Tsunami or Manitou type of boat.

Who its not for- Anyone using it in larger open water. It will get too much water in the cockpit. Small, or weak paddlers- too much boat here for the faint of build. Try it in the 10'6" if you're under 175 lbs.

Overall I really like it. It will probably get more use than any other boat in my growing fleet, just because I think it will be the most versitile and resilient. A definite yes on this one if you're a multi boat paddler.

This one is a must have, if you can find one. Necky is of course gone now, I guess to promote Old Town boats, but the Looksha was a hull they should have hung onto and rebadged.

Lets start with me. I'm 6'3" with big feet, and a 35" inseam and 235 lbs. Touring boats and I are generally at odds from the meet and greet. CD, Jackson and Dagger are all out in the 14' range. I just cant get my legs and feet in. That leaves the Tsunami and the OT Castine really. Both feel enormous inside.

I have two Looksha boats, a 12 and a 14. They're both accepable for my size, in other words I'm not stuffed in but there isn't loads of addition space either. They're the most comfortable seating boats I own, and thats by a long shot. My WS Tsunami and my Dagger Zydeco arent even close.

The Looksha is a pretty athletic hull. It moves along quite nicely , in fact my daughter was paddling the 14 against me in demo Eddyline Equinox (dream boat) recently and it held right with me. The Looksha has really hard chines and it will sit on its edge like it's on tracks. Primary and secondary stability are amazing. The boat handles really well and its predictable.

The post 2010 models have the better hatch covers, both lengths have 2 bulkhead and 2 hatches. They don't leak at all, ever. The overall fit and a finish is quite good with excellent rigging, handles, thigh braces and seat quality.

You really cannot go wrong with having a Looksha in your fleet, it wont be quite as athletic as a Manitou or an Alchemy, but it will be as stable and capable as any boat you buy in its size range and certainly will win the award for all day comfort.

Necky made some really phenomenal rotomold boats towards the end of it run and the Looksha is one of them.

Awesome boat. Fast, nimble, dry, spacious for all but the largest of men, and I'm a big man at 6'3" and 235 lbs. My size 13s went in with water shoes no problem.

The Manitou is an under rated boat for sure. Have paddled a WS Tsunami 14.5 many times, the Manitou feels like driving a 5 series BMW compared to Subabru Outback. Both truly excellent but one is just a lot nicer to toss around than the other.

It will handle a good chop, any wake, some light rapids, a tight river or an open bay. Once you get used to the soft chine hull, this one is a genuine keeper.

If you can find one with the last ACS seating and the black tupperware hatch lids, post 2013, just buy it. I assure you it will be a favorite in no time.

I sold mine for another boat and I'm on the hunt to replace it. It was a mistake to sell.

I bought this boat early spring after a couple of trips where my 14 Necky was just too long for the environment.

This is a really sharp looking little boat that is quite comfortable for it's price point and is very easy to paddle and dare I say athletic for its size. Its highly manouverable, tracks as good as you can expect for an 11' long 28" wide boat and the fit and finish is better than most boats in it range.

This is a tough size range where you get some pretty low end Perception options, or some really overpriced Old Town boats. The Zydeco falls in the middle in terms of price and quality and you can get them for less than 500 bucks on sale.

I've read that folks think the hull is thin, I dont think so. It's not as thick as some other but it also keeps it lighter and easier to portage. I'm 6'3" and 235 lbs and I can stand in this boat and its fine. Dagger makes a good quality product that land in between a Percpetion and Wilderness and in the 400 to 550 prige range , its the best 11' footer out there.

It's made for running tight and slower rivers or lakes and ponds. Use it for that and you'll love the boat.