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Name: Super15

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I am fairly new to kayaking but did considerable research on entry/ middle level models. When I got mine I was looking to fish, feel stable, and have something light enough to load and carry myself. I'm turning 60 this year and am only 5'8 165 lbs. And was able to handle it easily. It is about two inches wide and has a modified hull that is more stable than the sit in I rented when researching, but is much easier to paddle than the sit on tops I tried!! It is a great value for the money and would have gotten 5 stars except the front hatch was not cut out ( QC needs a scolding New Beach!) And it does not have a rod holder in front like most fishing models. Best bang for the buck for those who are on a budget, or like me, believe in starting low and upgrading if I stick with kayaking.