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Name: JAB

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My wife and I both built Pinguino 14.5 kits. I built the standard model. My wife had no wood working experience and I am by no means a craftsman. Despite this, both boats turned out beautiful. We took them to BC for the month of September and made several trips including Desolation Sound and Blackfish Sound. The boats performed really well. They are stable, track well and very maneuverable. Their top speed is limited by their shorter length however they cruise at a very decent speed with little effort. We got into some tricky currents and mini whirlpools that would turn our boats 180 degrees and the boat's stability got us through without tipping threats. We are backpackers and have light weight, compact gear so we can carry a week or more of supplies. I like to fly fish and the larger cockpit allows me to have gear close at hand and stability while casting is not an issue. The boats are beautiful and tend to gather a crowd of admirers.