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Name: Jimkuplast

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I've owned this boat for one season now, and here are some thoughts.
This boat will spin in its own length (with the skeg up) without much effort.
Put the skeg down and a paddle across the reservoir becomes much more enjoyable. Its 27in. beam makes it very stable. I found that I had to work at it to edge over in this boat. Cockpit size is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to feel comfortable taking this boat into Cape Cod Bay, so a smaller cockpit is perfect. I bought a spray skirt to fit the cockpit. The smaller cockpit does limit the fishing gear I can bring along, but every boat is a compromise. I can live with this. I've enjoyed the size and weight of this boat and would highly recommend it.

This is my 3rd year using this kayak. DO NOT be put off by having to build this kayak. By building it, you learn how to fix it IF anything ever goes wrong. And it won't. It's a very strong build. At 17feet long x 24 inches wide and around 45 pounds, I can carry it from my car to the beach without any issues. It absolutely does not need a rudder, tracks like a train on the tracks, and has never had any weather cocking problems. I've been out on my local lake in 30 mph winds, two strokes forward, one stroke backwards, with the biggest grin immagineable. You will have to get comfortable with edging this boat to get it to turn quickly, Take a class, get wet, gain experience, and this kayak will reward you with years of boating fun.