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It's a review in 2 parts. I bought this inflatable canoe due to lack of space, and to get the young family out on the water, prior to moving them to kayaks.

Early use proved problematic when solo, especially in wind or upstream, but bearable with 2 paddlers & a lot of weight, so it didn't get a lot of use. It's only when I went to ebay it, noticed a small tear in the base and put a skeg patch on it that the experience totally changed. I fitted the skeg & took it out solo with the canoe club before listing it, to check all was ok. It was windy, there was a strong current, & it behaved like a totally different boat. No, it's not as easy as a big rigid, but it's OK. I can keep up with the younger & older members & it is improving my technique. Still have to start with a c stroke or 2, but it's fine when going. Now it lives in the back of my car & has seen more water in the last month than in the previous 5 years. With the skeg it's now the boat I wanted.