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I bit the bullet and purchased this expensive rack because I often need to load my kayak alone. I don't regret it one bit. It is easy to use and I find I kayak more often because it is so much easier to load and unload my boat. It took awhile to install (myself) as I had never really seen one. I also found the the kayak tie down method they recommended would pull the cradle askew and the rack would not lock into place properly-so I designed my own system. I love being able to put the straps on while the boat is waist high. It took some practice, but I soon found that the lift system works best if you pull it up chest high (I am 5'6") and then give it a little boost-at which point it will take over. Very easy and smooth. The adjustment screws for the rack can be a pain-I will be marking my kayak so that I load it in the same place each time and don't need to readjust the rack. It was too expensive, but I am glad I got it. It appears to be well made, and I hope to have it for many years. It works great with my 49 lb kayak.

I replaced my 14' Necky (which was a great boat for me for 25 years) with the Pungo 120 this Spring. I needed a larger cockpit and more stable boat, but one that was reliable, comfortable, and I could move myself. It was a great move!!!! After paddling all summer, I am so pleased with this boat. It handles well-even in the wind and waves, I can carry it short distances, it is very stable-easy to get in and out of, and the cockpit is large enough to use for camera gear in a dry bag. Cons-I get a bit more splashed (as expected), and the rear gear hatch is not even near waterproof (they never said it would be). A LOT of water gets in there-I think I will try some silicone and see if I can improve it.