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Name: Moify

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For your information, this is the non-angler variant. As far as I was able to tell, it is the exact same as the Strike 100X Angler, minus the rod holders.

This boat is fantastic. I use a 240cm paddle, and rightfully so, even though I'm not so tall. This is a wide sit-on-top kayak with a 30.5 width. You'll want to make sure you are getting the appropriate paddle for it.

It's a flat-bottom kayak, which makes it excellent for open water and mild wave action. I've taken it out into lakes with boats zipping by, and I had no stability issues or problems feeling unbalanced. Storage capacity is excellent. One water-tight storage area behind the seat is convenient and easily accessible while in-use - this is great for phone/keys/wallet. This boat tracks very well, and I am actually able to feel like I move across the water quickly if I need to. It is maneuverable and responsive. Scupper holes work quite fine, and I saw no reason to plug them.

The Premium Ram-X material is wonderful. Took a few solid bashes against some rocks, and hardly even a scrape on the hull. A friend had a non-premium Pelican and it actually did not take abrasions quite as well. The scrapes got a little deeper on hers. If you are able to find a Pelican model you like, I would lean towards getting a Premium version for sure. The longevity is worth the extra hundred bucks.

Accessories all feel sturdy - hooks and all. Footrests adjust easily and it is safe to lean forward and not lose balance to adjust. Paddle holder line is convenient and easy. Great when you need an extra hand.

Last little bit of information is that I took this kayak on a "paddle in" adventure to a campsite. I was genuinely surprised with the amount of weight I was safely able to put on/in the kayak without any fear of tipping during launch or travel. I had a tent, gear, food, water, and a few other things stuffed into the storage in the front. Boat still felt buoyant and paddled with ease.

Style, comfort, and functionality really all made this a great deal with REI for $350. Paddle was not included.