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As a build it your own kit I must say for a beginner with no previous knowledge of woodworking or boat making, their kits were fun and educational that even after one of my boards dropped(it was a bad day) I was able to fix it over a weekend. Plans or kit (which included epoxy and fiberglass) was a joy to build especially if you're the type who gets a kick out of building something and riding it. I had fun building the 14' I bought the other one (12'6"). All you need are a few tools and a one car garage size area or a living room and about a week's worth of build time. These boards track very straight and I could paddle 7 times on one side and not be off course. Not the surf wave kind of board but definitely a touring. Our 14' carries me(160lb) and our boxer who is about 66lbs. My wife rides the 12'6" which is perfect for her 5' height and sometimes can carry the dog. Overall: if you have the time, tools, space, do it.