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Most stable yak ive ever paddled on. Smooth quick and quiet. Great in shallows. Or in the ocean. Very very safe and dependable

I won't lie, my first I bought off of a Craigslist ad. I love Wade fishing and kayak fishing. I found that with my nomaste if I quietly pull it with me while I'm wading, it surves so many purposes. 1 it's smaller and easier to walk around with it instead of dragging my huge kayak behind me. When I start getting tired sometimes, I've walked out a little to far just to fight the water going all the way back just to rest. Especially when you are already in great fish. With my little nomaste I can simply jump on it, to not only rest, I can continue fishing instead of all the hassle of having to walk back to shore. Then when I am all done I just stay seated and slowly paddle my way back in. As I mentioned sooooo many purposes. It's super light compared to my big kayak, when I get back to my vehicle, it is just so easy to load and handle, without having to strain myself. After a long day of fishing, trying to load my bulky kayak is not only impossible its very easy to hurt yourself and damage your vehicle. That is one of the many great purposes to own a multi purpose, more comfortable than anything, A Nomaste. Couldn't be happier, but can't wait to get my first new and not used. I figure like buying a new car and having that new car smell, I get my new Nomaste smell.....