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Name: RexCarlson

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At first glance I thought this was the kayak for me..well it was for 3-4 times out until i found out how thin the plastic is..I wouldnt recommend this kayak to any advance or intermediate kayaker but for a beginner it would be great to get the feel of a decent kayak. 3 Stars!

Absoulutely love this kayak..was kind of leary at first when I read the reviews about the seating but that wasnt my problem at all..this kayak tracks well and is really enjoyable. 4 stars!!

First of all I think this is the perfect entry level Kayak for those just starting out on calm lakes rivers and ponds.I first took this out and was amazed at the stability.I tryed leaning over as far as I could and only then it wanted to slightly tip.As far as tracking I think it could be improved but otherwise it was'nt bad at all.I would recommend this to beginners and intermediate paddlers.. 4 Stars!