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Name: giuntos

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Wow. I like this paddle. Like others have said, this is a beautiful paddle. The layup pattern, fit and finish are all perfect. I tried the Akiak about a year ago when a friend loaned me his while we were instructing some High School kids here in SE Wisconsin. Since then this Gearlab has been on my radar. I opted for the Kalleq for the next level of performance and weight. I bought the 230 as I have a fairly wide kayak, use it in my solo canoe and occasionally from my SUP. This is a performer. It does everything I ask it to do.

I love this canoe. I went to Rutabaga Paddlesports to get help selecting the perfect boat. They nailed it. They suggested the Combi after I gave them my wishlist (2up or solo, lightweight, mostly inland lake paddling, capable of a 1 week trip for 2). I bought mine in the Carbon Fusion Innegra layup. It’s about 34 lbs. This boat is great in and out of the water. I also fish from this canoe regularly. It does everything well. It is stable, fast, and turns very predicably. I spent some serious money on this boat and have no regrets. It is worth every penny.