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Name: Bear Mesa

Most Recent Reviews

We picked up our Twin Heron at the Old Town factory in Maine and couldn't wait to get it on the water! The Twin Heron is a great choice for a couple wanting to spend time together in nature. The kayak handles easily on lakes and quiet streams. At 60 some pounds it is easy to handle getting to the water and travels well on top of an SUV. Once in the water the Twin Heron tracks very well and is exceptionally stable (a real plus if you are interested in photography or fishing.) The seats are comfortable for longer trips and plenty of storage space. The only drawbacks I've found are the lack of any built in dry storage or tiedowns in the cockpit. Both can be easily remedied with a dry bag and stick on anchor points. The Twin Heron handles my wife and I along with our 2 dogs no problem. An added advantage is the ability to remove the front seat and paddle solo. Old Town designed the kayak trim well with only one paddler. The Twin Heron is an excellent choice for a family recreational kayak.

We picked up our Twin Heron at the Old Town factory on a trip to Maine in October 2015. Didn't have a chance to use it much on that trip but have put it into many lakes and streams here in Tennessee since. This October we returned to Maine and explored several of the lakes in Acadia. My wife and I are in our 60's and really enjoy the stability and comfort of the Twin Heron. I have no problem loading it on top of the Pathfinder and paddling with my wife and our 2 dogs is exceptionally easy. I take photos on our trips and found that with a little effort (and peaceful dogs) the majority of my pictures are usable. Seating is comfortable, kayak tracks well, and there is adequate room even with the dogs. A dry hatch would be nice but dry bags and boxes for the camera take care of the problem. After 2 years with the Twin Heron my biggest regret is not getting one sooner!