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Fantastic kayak for women / smaller paddlers

I love this boat so much (and I'm overjoyed to hear that Abitibi & Co. is resurrecting the old Impex designs). My boat is an original fiberglass Impex Montauk, though I'm not sure what year. I recently purchased it on Craigslist. I'm a 5'8" woman weighing about 115 lbs. This boat fits me very well–the thigh braces are comfortable and I don't hit the sides of the boat with my paddle. In fact, the narrow width means I barely get any water in the boat. It feels like an extension of my body. At 50 lbs it's a handful but I can manage it on my own (carrying it & moving it on/off the roof rack). Aesthetically, it's stunning to look at. In the water it has great primary stability–I have no trouble getting in/out of the boat. I haven't rolled it, but feel very comfortable edging it on turns. This is my first touring/sea kayak (previously I used shorter rec kayaks) but I quickly felt comfortable with it. It goes fast, cuts upstream effortlessly, and tracks well. When it's windy or there's current the skeg comes in handy; I instantly feel the improvement on tracking when I lower the skeg. The seat is surprisingly comfortable, given how low-profile the back is (I have a long torso). I've paddled all day and been very comfortable, relatively speaking. The hatches are great! The curved bulkheads increase storage space. I really like that they are opaque which lets light through into the hatch interior. The day hatch is convenient and surprisingly roomy, like a Mary Poppins bag. I can easily fit a medium stuff sack, large water bottle, snacks, extra sweater, etc in there. There is plenty of room for longer trips too. My criteria for this boat were that it be large enough for open water paddling & storing equipment for camping trips, but lightweight enough for me to handle out of the water. Thumbs up! I recently went on a multi-day camping trip and was able to fit everything I needed, including: tent w rain fly & tarp, sleeping bag, clothes, food, assorted items (lightweight camp stove & fuel, water bottles, hammock). I strapped my foam sleeping pad to the boat and it didn't even get wet.

The little details of this kayak are nice, too. The grab handles are comfortable, the hatch openings have drains for water to run off, there's a paddle rest with metal loop behind the seat, etc. You will get many compliments when you take out this boat! I'm so happy with this kayak. Really the only "con" is the fiberglass itself–the compromise is that it is more delicate and scratches easier than plastic. However, that's just a characteristic of glass and not a design flaw. I absolutely recommend the Impex Montauk to women and/or smaller paddlers who want speed/stability/tracking combined with lower weight and the ability to store items for longer excursions.