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Name: SeanOfLondinium

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Not A Novice...

I paddled a Dagger 14' Alchemy kayak this afternoon, Wednesday, Aug.23, 2017, at the Trailhead TAC in Ottawa. I'm not a novice on the water. Until earlier today, I'm an intermediate canoe paddler but a total rookie kayaker.
Having done several solo canoe/portage trips in magnificent Algonquin Park with my heavy 75lb, and overladen 15.5' Ram-X canoe (with no yoke!), I want a more practical alternative for my next solo trip. And I found it today!!! :)
Haven't camped or been on water in six years--never even sat in a kayak on land, or water, before today--got into this kayak, pushed off from the shore and paddled like I was back in the Park!--it felt so natural. Totally recommend the Dagger-Alchemy. It will be my first, kayak, at 54!! :)