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Name: George Smith

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Nice boat!

I purchased this boat from Cabela's a week ago. (8/12/17) I added a couple of fishing pole holders and several eye hooks. I put it in my pool a couple of days ago to check for stability and leaks. Primary and secondary stability exceeded my expectation. I also have a Future Beach Angler160 (13'4") and the 10' Evoke was as stable as the larger boat. I found that scupper plugs were really not necessary as the boat was mostly dry (and I weight 250 lbs.) The seat pad wasn't sufficient for me so I added a gel pad on top of the existing. (much better!) The hatches leaked slightly, so I got a strip of self stick, 3/8" weather stripping from Home Depot and relined the gaskets on top of the existing ones. That did the trick! I also carefully dabbed all the pop rivets with enough silicone to fill the center hole of the pop rivet, Today I took it out on the Hudson River and was very satisfied with the stability, comfort and decent tracking and glide. I spent about 4 hours on the boat. I checked the hull interior after I exited the boat and it was bone dry. The few quick fixes I did was well worth it. This kayak, in my opinion, is an exceptional boat for the money.