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Name: paddler375206

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cache la poudre white water

I give this 5 stars because I guarantee this kayak has not been pushed to the limits like they were with me.. This is my first kayak i take it down 3-5 mile hr platte river in Missouri religiously with enough room for my tent sleeping bag fishing gear and a full cooler or a trip out with the dog.. That being said the room in this kayak if you weigh under 200lbs is ridiculous so on white water rapids staying above water and having a spray skirt are key unfortunately the cheap name brand spray skirt is more of a drip skirt.. I used a lot of velcro n super glue which works for a single run on white water but if you bail out you will have to re velcro.. I did class 3 falls first day easy 4 miles and one bail out on a class 4 fall this is where all that room and no floatation comes in when this kayak fills with water u have to be in great shape to recover on moving water but is possible i shoved pool noodles under seat for help on my class 4 rapids day.. A water fall ate me up and filled with water kayak took a 2 hr beating before getting winched out.. Took it to a lake after and baby still rocking