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Name: Steve-G

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Owned the red Coleman 17' Ram-X since 1983

34 years and still going strong. No fading, warping or cracks. It has some surface scratches on the bottom from dragging it up on shore but that's of no concern as the hull is quite thick. The seats were repaired at the attachment points as they cracked due to age and use a few years ago but that was an easy repair. Other than that this canoe is maintenance free. Always stored outside in New England. It's been through hurricanes and record breaking winter snow. I used to do 3 day trips in it on the Saco River in the spring when it was running at full capacity. Navigated some rough water with no issues, glides over rocks with ease. Paddled it alone and never thought I needed anything else. It held coolers, tent, lantern, stove, boom box, camera, food, water, clothes, trolley, axe, rain gear, rope, sleeping bags and about anything else needed with no problem. It is a bit heavy so a trolley comes in handy. It is stable when properly secured on a vehicle but it is a bit bulky to hoist up on top by yourself. If you are in shape it's not an issue but it is easier with another set of hands. I think I paid around $250 for it back in '83 at Caldor department store (long since gone) and I could sell it for that now. Great investment. As the saying goes, paddling an inexpensive (never would say cheap about the Coleman 17' Ram-X) canoe is better than paddling no canoe. I'm still using it this weekend on the Blackstone River and it will carry me safely as it always has. It is very stable. We had our two sons in it when they were young boys and they would stand up and fish off of it. Do I care if it's not fast or doesn't turn on a dime? Not one bit. I'm usually just going across a lake or down a river so what's the rush? Kayak's have their place but the Coleman 17' Ram-X is a pack mule. Love it. Owners of the Coleman Ram-X know what I'm talking about. I'm glad I didn't pay for a more expensive canoe back then as I don't think it would have done anything my Coleman Ram-X hasn't done. Price doesn't always equal performance. For my needs the Coleman was and is a perfect canoe.