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Name: RVK

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I just picked up a well used Camper off of Ebay. Got it for $300. Hull is in good shape but needs some work. Vinyl is delaminating in maybe 8 or so dime sized spots. I'm going to epoxy over those. Other than that, there is really only one area where it looks like the boat may have been slightly wrapped and punched back out; minor creasing. All in all I think the boat is in good shape for the price. It needs a few bucks worth of materials and a few hours worth of work. I took it out on the Passaic River here in NJ on Memorial Day and it paddled like a dream. Tracks a little better than it's little sister the Pathfinder. Both are terrible to paddle solo, no gear, in open water with strong wind.

Great play boat

I'm short, 5'8" ish, so I actually fit in this boat. Got it from a friend who owed me some money. Used it a few times, mostly just to tool around, rolling and spinning in the pool and at the lake. Three stars because most people won;t fit into this boat.

Great beginner boat

I give it four stars only because you do get a bit wet paddling this boat. Loaded up with two people and some gear it sits pretty low in the water. Otherwise, it is an extremely stable boat, the keel helps it track very well, it's big enough that you don't knock paddles when going tandem, easy to handle solo. I used mine everywhere from the Charles River in Mass., at various beaches along the Eastern Seaboard (Rockport, Nahant, Ocean City, NJ) and out on the lake (Lake Ossipee, NH). It does very well on open water but was also quite maneuverable when it needed to be. I had mine from when i was about 13 all the way through college. Got rid of it only because of space constraints once I moved in to an apartment and my parents got sick of it sitting in their garage. Honestly, I miss it.

My first canoe

Just picked up this boat this morning after coming across it on Craigslist. Paid: $600 with 2 Grey Owl and one Bending Branches paddles. It;s got the usual dings and scratches but for the most part is in very good shape. One 2-3 inch repair done with Kevlar; outside layer of Royalex cracked when the boat was dropped but the inside layer was not damaged. It's green, aluminum gunwales, webbed seats, all in good condition.

Took it out on Monksville Reservoir in New Jersey. It was extremely windy but the skies were clear. I started off paddling solo with the boat turned around, It tracked fine until I had to go against the wind. I kept it turned around and kneeled so I was a bit more forward and it tracked much better; not great. I also haven't been in a canoe in probably 10 years. So, there's that too.

When the wind died down; it was smooth paddling. The boat is stable enough for me but a little wobbly. Tracked much better when I went back to the landing to pick up my girlfriend. Very happy with the purchase.

Will be back to write another review when I try it under other circumstances. Hopefully, Pine Barrens in NJ.