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Name: Lori_Jorgenson

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Awesome training and coaching tool

As an OC and V1 world class paddler the Kayak Pro OM1 saved me and helped me prepare for for the World Master's Games this last April in NZ. I am a single mom with a crazy schedule (as most people, right?) and we had a ugly winter making it difficult to get on the water. The paddling ergometer helped me train and be in paddling shape for the master's games - Thank goodness!!! I continue to use it if I am unable to get on the water.

I am also a paddling coach and find it VERY useful to help paddlers get a sense of body awareness and mechanics to help optimize their stroke where on the water it is a bit more difficult!!! It is an amazing tool for coaches to use.

I highly recommend the Kayak Pro OM1 paddling ergometer for training and coaching. The customer service at Kayak Pro is top notch too!!!
  -   Lori Jorgenson, World class Outrigger Paddler and Coach