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Name: Matt-Crews

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Fishing Machine!!!

After demoing countless kayaks, I came across the Kaku Wahoo. The Wahoo offers features that make fishing much easier, at a fraction of the competitor's price!

I wanted a kayak that is stable enough to stand in but doesn't paddle like a barge, I found it in the Kaku Wahoo. The raised seat and open deck make it very easy to stand and cast. The stability on this thing is unbelievable, even for me at 6' 285 lb. It also paddles like a dream, the bow sits high in the water and allows the kayak to glide over any chop.

The Wahoo features 4 aluminum top load gear tracks that enable you to mount anything from rod holders to fish finders without having to drill. The Wahoo also has threaded inserts all over the kayak to allow you to fasten whatever your heart desires without drilling. The hull is also designed to accept the PowerPole Micro anchor system.

The customer service of Kaku Kayak is just as amazing as their product! So if you're in the market for an awesome fishing kayak and don't want to break the bank, check out the Kaku Wahoo!