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Name: Doug-in-VA

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Compared to a Native Watercraft Ultimate 12

I do not own the Predator, but bought the Ultimate 12 the 1st year it was out at $750 new. I am still convinced it is the easiest to get into and out of since it NEVER offers to tip or rock. In Richmond, VA the James river is full of trees and rocks and is rather shallow a lot of places. It is a bad place to tip over in a kayak because debris can be inches under the surface and unseen.
I picked my boat at the annual boat show over any other offering years ago (maybe 10) and never saw a boat its equal. The Predator may be a good solution for some, depending on cost and weight and handling. I easily outfit an Ultimate 12 with a 3hp trolling motor, small 12v battery and digital speed control and single pushrod type steering ... The hardware was maybe 10-15 dollars. To have a boat that will run all day at good speed to fish with and much faster than paddling is well worth it. The Predator might allow that as well and the seat looks remarkably like that of the Ultimate series from Native. Look closely at both makers and judge by price, features, water you will be on and take the STABLE and COMFORTABLE choice. Turning over in cold water or striking debris in a tip-over can cost an eye, a laceration, or chipped elbow or damaged hand. One medical bill alone will dwarf the cost of either boat... and that assumes you can get help in case of a real injury (much boating is on quiet rivers or small lakes alone).