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Name: Murali

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Spectacular experience

I've decided to get Mycanoe after a ton of research between kayak and canoe. Assembling, dis-assembling the canoe was a breeze. Not bad at all. Carrying it was not an issue. Assembling it myself took around 35 minutes first time, 20 minutes second time. It should get better with more practice. Very well built with a lot of thoughts into it. I am never going to believe any of those folks who said canoe is difficult to paddle - buy a kayak etc - it was so easy and natural. The first time I took it, I was so into it, that I paddled for 7 miles on the Colorado river here in Austin, Texas. Awesome experience! Highly recommend it. No need to worry about storage in your garage, how to carry it on the car and transport it from the car to the water if you are all alone. Best part is you can enjoy it with your family as it can seat 4 easily and your pet. Best purchase ever!