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Name: TracyBuhrows

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I love this boat!! It paddles perfectly for a girl with a smaller weight and frame. My only wish would be a larger rudder....although I regularly paddle in large waves and swells without much of a would be easier with a larger rudder. Comparing it to a 17' or 18' fiberglass kayak, I do find that it takes more effort to keep the same pace. It does pack a lot of gear and the hatch openings are large enough to pack medium to large dry bags. I haven't had any real issues with leakage into the hatches, even in rough water. Water bottles and a Pelican case can be easily clipped behind the seat. It is fairly light and can be shoulder carried without much effort. Again...I love this boat.

I bought this boat second-hand to reintroduce white water kayaking and have been very pleased with it. It is stable and forgiving in the rapids. It is easy to roll. While you can surf in it, there are limitations to what play moves you can perform. Overall, I'm happy with this as a nice, river running intro boat.