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I purchased my Odyssey 14 used over the winter. I took on a 55 mile trip on the Current River in Missouri just last week. It was a wonderful paddle. I am currently looking for another Odyssey for a friend. He just paddled it only about a mile of this trip and decided he had to have one! It is great handling, especially with a camping load in it. I hope I can find another.

I have an '01 Odyssey 15. I use this canoe for solo river tripping. It easily handles my camping and fishing gear (I take too much stuff). I am a knees on the floor paddler and find it a solid platform for what I do. It does not turn as well as the 14 foot model, but it has better initial stability and it's better in the straights. I rate on what I use it for and I love to spend days and nights traveling Missouri Ozark rivers with the Odyssey 15 as my companion.

My Penobscot 16 is 20 years old. It's my first canoe. So glad the man at the shop in Wellsboro, Pa shifted me from the Camper to this model when he heard me say I would be soloing a lot. Great initial and secondary stability. Fast for an all around canoe. Royalex is the bomb. I use mine these days to do solo river tripping with my Golden Lab. Did 85 miles on Missouri's Current River last summer. Looking to buy another soon. I left mine unprotected in the sun a lot of years. It's still supple, but it is faded badly. OT told me to paint it with Krylon Fusion. Looks really good, but wish it was the original green. Make sure you store your Royolex boats in the shade, folks! I also recommend appling Keeleazy as a skidplate instead of kevlar. Maintains the great shape of the hull and still protects it well.

This canoe is really heavy for its size. It's not OTC's fault that Royalex is not around, so a poly hull is acceptable. However, the price is high for a small solo poly canoe. My Mohawk Odyssey 15 is two feet longer and 11 pounds lighter. The bottom line is the bottom line. The MSRP is $400 too much.