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Boat: Eddyline Fathom LV, skeg (no rudder) Reviewer: 160 lb, 5'10, confident paddler…

Boat: Eddyline Fathom LV, skeg (no rudder)
Reviewer: 160 lb, 5'10, confident paddler. Current boats: Greenland T, Romany Surf, Cape Falcon F1

The Fathom LV was my first sea kayak, bought secondhand (in excellent condition) in the UK. I paddled it in ocean conditions off north Devon and later in the north island of New Zealand.

Having paddled many boats since, the Fathom LV stands out as having a brilliant cockpit fit, with excellent thigh bracing and easily adjusted footbraces. These features made it a relatively easy boat to roll (and learn to roll in). The carbonlite construction was a big asset, due to its low weight and durability compared to friends' composite boats - especially appreciated in rocky landings. It's a shame more boats don't use this material!

The boat itself was surprisingly fast and tracked well. It proved relatively manouevrable when edged over, but for routine course corrections the hard chine gives very positive turning control. The V-bottom does lead to some flopping from side to side in flat water, though. Although the boat is on the small side, I had no problem packing (well-chosen) camping gear for 2-3 days.

As my skills improved, my paddle spots of choice have become rougher and more exposed. Being towards the upper end of the weight range for the LV I found the boat a little unstable in confused conditions - I feel this is also partially due to the low rocker and hard chine combination. I have since sold the boat, and received positive feedback from the new owner.

Overall, an excellent boat for the beginner to advanced intermediate paddlers - a good platform to advance paddling skills and rolling.
Pros: Excellent boat fit combined with light & strong construction, hard chine profile.
Cons: Some rough water instability for paddlers at the limit of the weight range.