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Name: mthiker

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The NEXT canoe works well for my needs. Solo with a 40lb dog. The canoe is about 50 lbs so not super light, but much lighter than the OT 133 I had before. I have used it now on 5-7 different small lakes, no rivers yet. Other reviews note the issue with the seat frame dropping out of the brackets... my boat was purchased used and had a heavy strap underneath that you would tighten up and that seems to have cured that issue, at least for me.

I have noticed the boat does turn at other reviewers note when you coast, but not sure if that is just due to trim issues with my dog behind me, or my leaning side to side. The NEXT model was the third used canoe I got this summer and it meets my needs very well, although the "Barney" purple color of my boat does attract some comments... haha