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This is a very comfortable PFD that fits around your waist. It is very adjustable and the straps don't irritate my sensitive skin. It is easy to refill the cartridge and contains a zippered pocket big enough to fit several keys on a ring and my chapstick. Some put a small slim camera inside but mine are too large. It also has a hoop to connect your whistle onto. It is comfortable enough that many wear it while performing yoga on the paddleboard. I highly recommend this product but it is only for adults or large kids.

This board is super light and easy to handle. It goes over small surf with no problem and glides well (I have only used it in a lagoon and the Gulf of Mexico). I don't have a lot of experience but I would say this is an intermediate level board. Pros Light, glides well, handles surf. It has a camera attachment, a front & back 4-tie down attachments, 5 fin placements. Cons Could use a better hand grip and edges scratch easy. Usage I have played in the waves (sitting, I am still learning) and in the lagoon. I plan to do yoga on it, I have done some poses but not a workout session yet.

I tested this board out on the Lagoon with some ripples on the water. It was slow to trek out but it was very stable. The full board padding was really nice and I liked that it had attachments. Pros Color, padding, attachments, stable, excellent for yoga Cons Slow to move out into the water Usage I just tested it for buying purposes but it is definitely a good yoga board that you can anchor from both sides. I did some poses on it with excellent balance.

Nice board for surf. It was a little to advanced for me as far as balance but it seams like a good board for surf paddleboarding so I'll rate it 4 stars. The store employee really liked using that board for surf. I tested it out on a lagoon with ripples. Pros Looks good, light colored, slim Cons Advanced - but that is only a con for beginners. Usage This is definitely a surf paddleboard or for a advanced paddler - maybe I'll love it one day.

Very unstable. It looks like a great board but I tested it in a Lagoon with some ripples and all I did was rock sideways. I changed my footing and it made no difference. This board is too wide to not have some balance. Pros Looks good Cons Very unstable. Usage I tested it but would not use it for anything.

This was the first SUP I paddled on. It was a rental but I didn't feel that it was strong enough to tie down on my Liberty but luckily 2 of them slid in the back window and seamed to safely hang out the back. It was pretty sturdy and decent for a rental but it seams like it would dent really easy although the guys I rented it from said they haven't had any issues with these boards getting dented. Pros Stable and lightweight Cons Sides are not very strong for strapping down or if you ran into rocks. Usage I used it in the bay for learning. It did fine with 6-8" waves.

I enjoyed this board during Paddleboard Yoga out in the St. Andrews Bay. It is an excellent multipurpose board. Pros It balanced well and handled mild waves coming at it from all angles. Cons I would have liked for the traction piece to be 1 large piece for yoga but it is fine for standing or kneeling and paddling. Usage Exercising, mild surf, leisure paddling, maybe more as I get more creative with it.