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Nothing else would have survived.

My absolute highest reccomendations.

My MacKenzie 20 was built for me and for a specific expedition. I did a 'Powell'. I began in Green River, Wyoming, and finished at Lake Havasu City, Arizona. 1,200 plus map miles,, 1300 plus gps miles. Flaming Gorge at high water, Desolation/ Gray, Cataract Canyon, the Grand Canyon until the cover failed.

This MacKenzie 20 was built extra tough to withstand the rocks and thunks along the way, seat and thwart were positioned for me.. It survived the entire way. Including my ineptitude in Big Drop 3 and quite a few in the Grand Canyon. Big Drop 3, I blew my entrance entirely and dropped straight into the big hole at the top. That hole can eat a school bus. Yes, it rolled me quite a few times, hammered body, paddle, (the paddle was snapped in my hand) and boat, but we floated out eventually and though damaged, she was bailed out and headed down the Colorado 20 minutes later. There is not another canoe that I know that could have withstood my error and paddled away. Most, or all, would have been cracked in half or wadded up like an old newspaper.,,I've paddled many, and many manufacturers, and for that hole, on that day,, the MacKenzie came through.

There were failures,, the cover finally surrendered and I could not keep the water out,, but the boat made it all the way through.

Clipper's kevlar boat, with additional layers of S-glass inside and out. It is a tank, that paddles easily and fast, I could paddle Mead and Powell at a steady easy 3+ mph, and for short stretches at up to 5mph, and I am considering using the same boat for the Yukon, or the Yellowstone.

My absolute highest regard for Clipper Canoe.

great fabric, great screen zippers. Large #10 door zippers are rubbish,, poorly manufactured... roughness internally? The zippers damage their own plastic teeth. One door totally inoperable... poorly set up... They eat the neighboring fabric and jam , and jam, and jam.
Tiny, tiny aluminum poles can't stand up to any wind... tent just screws down to the ground. Poor, poor wind design.
Trash, rubbish... Distinctly NOT an outfitters tent. Backyards, scout camp outs, swimming party changing room ONLY. Do not take it into the woods or down the river.

Just bought one... it was a garage queen, hung, dry, and as shiny as new. No longer the case - well on the way to adding 'character' to her. 8 outings so far.

Good initial stability, excellent secondary. 33,5 at the waterline 37 max with some tumblehome to keep the gunwales close. Fast. A knot faster than a Grumman 18. 1/2 knot slower than a Minn II. If you are driving hard and flat... she tracks so well, you'd think she would not turn. A keel, but a bit of rocker too. But, heel her over a bit on a cheek and she turns in her own length. I did two 90's, left, then right to follow the current around a rock ledge, she turned like 13-foot solo canoe.

When she plunged through a series of 2+ foot tall rapids, the bow shape punched the crests to the side... as long as I held dead straight the only water to enter was that taller than the bow. 13.5 inch center depth stayed bone dry.

A good craft - 71 pounds, so not a light weight, but not horrible.
I'll keep it.