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Some Differences

Having bought my Pungo 12 in 2002 and just recently bought my wife a 2017 Pungo 120 there are some notable differences. So apples and oranges. The hull of the 2017 is not as sharp chined as the '02 making for a little side slipping. The keel area is a little softer (rounded) and doesn't track as well as the '02 but all in all still an easily managed kayak on the small meandering streams that we are close to. Big water such as lakes and shore area bays it handles quite well. The amenities, aft bulk heading, bigger access aft hatch, the new seat configuration, and the "dash" are nice, the seat being very nice. We bought this because we do a lot of overnight, some longer camp/kayaking and her WS Bandit couldn't handle the gear. As of now we have 2 Bandits for the grandkids, 2- 12' Pungos and 2 105' Aspires. Four stars only because of the differences between the hulls. But it is my wife's and she thinks it should get 5 stars. Just for info I paid $359 in '02, in 2017 $739 on sale.

I've had the Pungo 12 for over 15yrs and it has received hard use. Duck hunting in mud marshes, striper fishing in the bay wk end float and camps. Phase 3 seat has never broke, just had to replace the lining where my boney ass wore it out. Now looking to buy a Pungo 10 for my grandkids. My Pungo was $329 still in the clear plastic bag... Also bought 2 Wilderness Systems Bandits at the same time. I'm big on eye catching lines and these have 'em. I give these recreational type yaks from Wilderness 10 across the board.