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Name: Techammer

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I'm giving this four stars in spite of the fact that I sold it after using it twice. It was one of those can't-pass-it-up-at-this-price purchases. Longer by a foot than any 'yak I'd previously paddled, highly rockered and skeg-equipped. I've had boats with rudders, but never felt the need to use them. This one wanted to wander unless I deployed the skeg, which slowed it down more than I liked. The last straw was that, paddles without a skirt,;it took on water in modest chop. Hopefully the person I sold it to does more demanding paddling than I do and will appreciate its virtues.

I really like Sawyer boats, and I've liked a bunch of boats Dave Yost designed for Bell (including a couple of Wildfire solos). The only thing that would make me like the solo 13 better would be a real Sawyer layup, but for an economy line Oscoda does a great job.

My wife was paddling a 12' Perception Sport Sundance, and i was having to go easy to let her keep up when we paddled. We took a chance on a used Perception Catalina, largely based on the excellent ratings the boat got at this site. The difference was amazing. Now I have to work to keep up with her, which, I guess, was the goal in the first place. Now maybe I'm the one who needs a faster boat.

Found an old Cruiser on Craigslist. $300 and the guy even threw in a couple of nice Sawyer T-handle paddles. As advertised, the Cruiser is quick as a bunny and tracks like an arrow. It's a little more work to steer, of course, but a stern rudder or sweep does the trick every time. In Goldenglass, it's 66 lbs--not bad for an almost 18-foot boat--but the bike-wheeled loader i fashioned out of an old two-seat baby stroller makes moving it easy. My wife informs me that we're never selling it. I suppose that if someone offered to swap for the Kevlar version we might consider it, but until then this is a permanent member of the fleet.

I love, love, love this boat. It's the version with bulkheads but no rudder, and it tracks straight even in wind, but turns nicely with an outside lean. The cockpit and seat are a nice fit (I'm 6'1", 235). The footpegs are easy to adjust and stay where you put them.
For some reason, cupholders seem to be important to some, so I will point out that this machine has none, but the forward deck bungees are close enough that you can slip a water bottle under the rigging and keep it within easy reach.