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Name: paddler234616

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This is an excellent kayak for fishing quiet waters, and it has handled quite nicely in a bit of chop, although with some mild splashing when paddling quickly through small waves. It's stable and tracks well for its size. The seat is comfortable and it's easy to reach the rod holders positioned behind the seats. The dashboard offers a flat platform to set things like a small tackle box and a pair of pliers, and front and back rigging is a nice touch at this price point. The gunwales are somewhat low, a feature shorter paddlers appreciate, and its weight -- 44 pounds -- makes it easy to transport. While it's rated to 300 pounds, I think a smaller kayaker would be more comfortable in it for longer paddles; I'm 5-1 inch and 132 pounds and it's ideal for me. The hatch compartment doesn't really keep anything dry, but when the trip is over, it's nice to be able to pop off the cover and reach inside to retrieve something like a stray bottle of sunblock. It does not have padded thigh rests, although I haven't really noticed the lack of them, and I've been in it, fishing and paddling, for as long as five hours at a time. My only complaint is with the drain plug, which is somewhat oddly positioned to one side, making it a bit tricky to completely drain the water. I got this kayak on sale, and it's a really great buy for the price.

This is my second kayak, and I love it. I'm a 53-year-old woman and I use it for recreational paddling and fishing. It's stable, easy to paddle and with the big cockpit, I have room for a small cooler, and my 48-pound dog can ride there (he does make the nose of the kayak dip down a bit making it harder to paddle.) It had a drain plug, which was a must-have for me, since my first kayak did not, and I love how easily the foot pegs adjust. Drawback is the seat -- my tabs broke when nephew flipped it in shallow water-- but replacement seats aren't expensive. I wouldn't use it for rapids but it's really nice for the flat water paddling we do in Maryland.