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Name: Gigmaster

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I have a Rio, and it is an outstanding boat for what it was designed adventure boat. I bought it on sale at Sportsman's Warehouse, and couldn't be happier. I have two other kayaks (a Pelican Pursuit 100, and an Advanced Elements Convertible), but this is my favorite fun boat. All of the negative comments about tracking are just because they don't know the 'trick'. Just get one, or two of the skegs for the K-79 Tahiti models, and one or two chopsticks. Insert the bottom of the skeg into the trolling motor mount from underneath, place the top behind the top mount and insert the chopstick. It's super secure. if you want two skegs, just repeat for the other side. With these mounted, the Rio tracks as straight as any boat I have ever been in. To remove them, just pull out the chopstick...quick-release style.

The Rio is not as fast as touring kayak, but faster than a lot of Recreational boats out there, and quite a bit faster than a regular canoe. The nylon cover is tough, and the Rio handles fast water beautifully. I have even had it in the ocean, and have paddled as far as 3 miles off shore with no trouble at all. You can't go wrong with this boat, or it's big brother, the Colorado.

Bought this Pursuit 100 at Dicks for $199.00, and couldn't be happier. I mostly fish, and paddle for adventure in lakes, and up to Class III rivers.

This boat is nearly indestructible, stable, yet agile, and very fast for it's size. You need to add paddle and rod holders to it, and it'll do anything except World Class Whitewater. I added a set of retractable pontoons (EBay-$127.00), and now I can even stand up to cast and bowfish from it.

For the money, you can't beat this for an all-around Kayak.