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We bought our Bell Mystic BG because it is even lighter than our strip made MCA Cruiser but discovered its greatest asset to be its paddling efficiency. We're near retirement age and can keep up with the young bucks, haul as much gear and be fresh when we reach camp. I'll sell my MCA cruiser and keep my strip made Freedom 17 for rivers, but for lakes and tripping the Mystic can't be beat. It is a little tippy for novices, but tames down well when loaded. I've had it out in awful weather (wind, rain and waves) and felt safe. Coupled with the new ergonomic paddles we feel extremely efficient on the water. A little inconvenient for day use for with guests or pets, so if you also have an all purpose canoe like the Freedom 17 you are set. I keep all my canoes indoors and expect them to last decades.