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Name: Joe P

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With 4 kayaks and a canoe, I needed a better solution than creatively arranging them on an Explorer. After reviewing my options, I decided on getting a trailer. After much research, I settled on a Jimco Tandem Portage Trailer. I wanted to be able to easily load up my boats, solve storage problems & "multi" portage long distances on rough trails. The Jimco trailer exceeded my expectations. It loaded in minutes and tracked well at high speeds, dispite it's very light weight. I keep the kayaks on the trailer and just roll the whole thing into the garage (I used to stack them all over the garage). As for the portaging - my son and I just used the trailer to portage 2 kayaks about 1 1/2 miles along a steep and rocky trail. It wasn't a magic carpet, but it worked, allowing us to kayak a mountain top lake we could only dream about before. All in all, the Tandem Portage Trailer is very well designed and constructed. I expect to use it for many years to come.