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Name: sailnprin

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As my first kayak, I couldn't have chosen a better more friendly kayak. The large cockpit allowed me to adjust to kayaking. I used this boat for three years and didn't find anything wrong with it. My kayaking dog buddy, Jackson, liked the large kayak since it afforded him space to nap during trips. The only reason I traded it in was that I developed a passion for sea kayaks.

I chose this kayak by Old Town because of my successful beginning with OT's 10 foot Vapor. I wanted a longer kayak to orient me to how longer kayaks handled. I found the Dirigo to be easy to maneuver in tight turns as well as having excellent tracking. I still have this kayak and plan to use it when the trips call for recreational paddling rather than sea kayaking.

I bought this kayak after having two Old Town recreational kayaks which I loved. I wanted to upgrade to a sea kayak so I researched several kayaks, paddled several and settled on that Zephyr for its easy glide tracking, it's elevated hull shape on the bow, and its size. I am very happy with it and will keep it for many years.