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Name: MegH

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I got this board for free in a shrewd business deal (a neighbor was getting rid of it and I was the first person to walk by) and had never paddle-boarded before. I gave the board 5 stars, though I will mention a few things I dislike, because I think it measures up to its intended purpose as a beginner board. It is very stable, whether I'm out in a bit of chop or its flat calm and the dog welcomes himself aboard. I even manage to stay upright when the dog decides to launch himself off into the Bay with no warning (I attribute this to the board and no skill on my part). The board has stood up to said dog's nails and is durable all around. Though the pad has some scratches from the mutt. The dislikes: the board doesn't track well and isn't very fast. It is light enough to carry down to the beach, but somehow is cumbersome on the way back after a long paddle. This can be overcome with a carrying strap. My feet don't stay dry, so cold weather paddling can be unpleasant without a pair of booties. Again, good beginner board, but now I know what to look for in my next board. Pros Very stable. Dog friendly. Cons Tracking is not great. Not very fast. Usage Exercise, just for fun, yoga, chasing the dog when he decides to chase the ducks out to sea.