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Bad news was Buffalo Canoes had stopped making canoes because of the Royalex issue. Just heard they are getting ready to start production with t formex. Woohoo! They make a great canoe.

Being an Arkansan, it was only fitting to have a canoe that is made in Arkansas (Jasper to be specific). I had seen them for years on the rivers and saw there durability. Now that I own one, I can confirm its one great canoe. It weights 67 lbs., so its fairly easy for one person to handle. Very well made. Its made of Royalex (sorry to you folks who didn't get a Royalex canoe sooner), so it easily goes over the rocks.
Love it.
I understand Buffalo Canoes is going to start production again, with a new material. I can't wait to see it.

Got this boat several years ago and my wife and girls love it. Its a great multi purpose kayak. It can do rivers with class I or II rapids, but is also good for lakes. Great boat.

This is one great canoe and its named after the first national river. Its simple, but gets the job done. They have stopped production for now because of the royalex problem, but hopefully they will figure out another material to use.

Got the Regal a couple of years ago because I wanted a closed cockpit kayak that had an open stern for dogs, coolers etc. I had rented one when floating the Buffalo. It's about as simple a kayak as possible. The seat is molded but comfortable.

Bottom line - I love it! The only knock is it's a little slow. But when going down a river, that's not a problem I don't understand why Jackson quit making it.

I was looking for a closed cockpit kayak that had a back deck that I could use for coolers,dogs etc. The Regal is one of the few that fits that description. Bought it this spring and I have had it out on the rivers and lakes. Love it! It meets my needs and the simplicity of it is awesome! The molded seat is very comfy and it handles Class I water great.

Only downside is it is a little slow in the water and that's why I gave it an 8. But, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.