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Name: snakeybird

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This is a great niche canoe; very stable, and perfect for fishing. It is almost like a hybrid of a rowboat and a canoe; not a tripper or racer, but great for birding, fishing, relaxing, etc. I also use it as a workhorse for "chores" on the farm pond, such as moving pallets and old Christmas trees to place for fish habitat.

The canoe is stable enough to handle the antics of squirmy preschoolers and large dogs, which is perfect for my usage. It does have a keel on it, so it tracks well for a short boat. This might be a disadvantage if it is really rocky where you intend to use a canoe. I have only used it on flat water, and haven't put a motor on it, but it paddles well for such a wide canoe. Although a tandem, paddling it solo also works.